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Boundaries is a good thing in Marketing!

Boundaries, constrains and restrictions is all good settings for good Marketing. Lower budgets, New laws about what and how you can market your products and so on. Seth Godin has a good post about constrains. All of them provide a … Continue reading

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Do more “offline” and you will succeed online

Here is a thought: The best and most effective way of doing a good job in social medias is NOT to get a lot of friends or followers in your online accounts. But to spend time doing analog stuff. The … Continue reading

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I would like an Insurance Company that empowers me…

I want more interaction with my Insurance Company. The killer app would be a “my page” where I could see all my insurances and where I could change them with a click. I want more control. I want to see … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog, Love, Hate & Marketing

I have established this Blog to write about my profession, Marketing and Sales. Which explains the Marketing part of the Blogs name. I also believe in passion in Marketing. And two of the strongest passions are love and hate.  I … Continue reading

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