Welcome to my blog, Love, Hate & Marketing

I have established this Blog to write about my profession, Marketing and Sales. Which explains the Marketing part of the Blogs name. I also believe in passion in Marketing. And two of the strongest passions are love and hate.  I love Apple – I will go so far to say I am an Apple Evangelist, but right now I hate my Time Capsule and Air Tunes.  And since it is a Apple product my hate is really strong.

I would state that it is better to be loved or hated in Marketing, than ignored. Lets just hope you have more lovers than haters. The lovers and haters show their passion about your product. And through this a strong commitment to either buy from you or not.

Customers with strong passions get involved. They are more likely to tell you if they are dissatisfied. And they are more willing to tell their friends about good experiences and use you as an example when explaining something.

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