I would like an Insurance Company that empowers me…

I want more interaction with my Insurance Company. The killer app would be a “my page” where I could see all my insurances and where I could change them with a click. I want more control. I want to see how much milages is left on my car insurance. Then I could compare this with my actual driving and be able to change it based on my driving profile.

I want a flexible policy that would take into account my input about changes in my life. I want a flexible policy that could evolve with me. As my kids grow up there might be a more beneficiary policy for this age. Then I would be willing to be exposed to them because my Insurance Company would know how old my kids are, based on the policy I bought when they were born.

Do you hear me Insurance Company? I want to interact with you more often and I would be willing to accept you selling me new or changed policies on my page. As long as it is beneficiary to me. As long as you actually see me…

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