Diamonds lasts forever…

There were some great ads in a national newspaper in Norway today. (Site in Norwegian). Dagens Næringsliv is the biggest business targeted Newspaper in Norway (or in my opinion, the most serious one), with around 80 000 daily readers (Norway is a small country).

The target group (readers): 80% is men, 50% between 30-49 years, 70% has minimum a university degree of three years (a bachelor) ore more. And the most important one: 50% makes between -130 000. 7% makes -170 000 and finally 10% makes more than  000. That means that around 8 000 people in the last category.

So the ads: The first one is an ad for the biggest jeweller store in Norway:

Over the ring it says: “What she desire”. And under the price is presented as ONLY 10 900 (USD). “You can stop looking. We have the perfect Christmas gift.” And then: “Top quality, at a unusual good price.”

On the next page there is a new ad from a smaller competitor and they sell a comparable ring for just about 10 000 (USD).

What I find funny: A diamond ring (at least at this price) is considered to be a luxury item and not a price driven market. The ads (here in b/w but the background on both is light blue) looks like an ad for a low cost product. Actually their catalogues and other marketing materials have the same perceived low quality.

The text screams bargain price. And then there even is a price bargain between two shops.

It might sell, I don’t know, but they have a lot to learn about branding… They could start looking at other ads out there:

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