The beauty of a young mind…

OK. This might not be a very relevant post for my blog about marketing but I want to share it anyway because it is so cute (and yes; I know that most people think that anything said or done by their own kids is cute)

My oldest daughter (5) told me one evening that she was drawing a football star. I was amazed by this because I didn’t even know that she understood the concept of football (soccer). And even less about the star players.

So I started wondering about what players she was drawing. Could it be one of the good old ones like Pele or some of the younger ones like a Norwegian star like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or could it be David Beckham?

I was quite exited about all this. Mostly because the interest for soccer in general in our household is very low (there is me with my wife and three daughters) and she wouldn’t tell me where the sudden interest was coming from. Neither was I allowed to see the picture until she was done…

I was in pain for an hour or so… And then she showed me the masterpiece…

A football star by my daughter Selma – 5 years (click to enlarge):

I could of course try to make this about marketing – or communication and perception and decoding a message in particular but I won’t even bother…

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1 Response to The beauty of a young mind…

  1. Nicolay says:

    This is great ! Finally Erik can talk about football stars around the dinner table.

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