Killer app

Most people are easy to engage if there is a crises going on and they can feel the pain themselves. Many organisations work in an environment where there are no immediate crises (even though some would say there is) and people in general couldn’t care less… That is, they would tell you that they cared if they where asked in a survey – but for most people there is a long way between saying they care to the action of doing something whit it.

Some organisations that pops to mind is blood- and organ donation in addition to the different human organisations like Red Cross and other similar organisation.

In this case it’s about organ donation. They have understood that the most important way of getting our attention is to make it as easy and hassle free as possible to involve us. Some coolness factor would be bad either to maybe attract a younger target group too.

So what do you do: You make an iPhone/Android app where you have your donor card on the phone. The app is made by an Norwegian organisation called “A gift for life” (all info in Norwegian)

The picture the app generates can be used as background on your lock-screen, where you also have contact information to two contacts that can confirm that you are a donor…

So today, for the first time in my life I became an organ donor…

And yes, I do see other apps out there, some made by private person just to keep your donor information and some other more official’s ones from countries like Netherlands. But the concept where you can use the lock screen functionality where the paramedics could call and confirm that you are a donor on site – I haven’t seen before…

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