The next generation of retail

Do you ever get the feeling sometimes when you walk into a store you just wish you hadn’t?

I seem to feel that a lot. Sometimes I feel this is the reason for why online purchases are on the rise. It’s easier and hassle free.

To me it’s seems to be two problems: Either you come in and there is no one to help you (I get the feeling that I am walking around in a ghost store), or the ones that are working there is way to young and looks like they rather be somewhere else. One alternative to the ghost store is the opposite where there is to many customers and to few to help them, so you just stand in line for ages…

Either way, the problem is that you don’t get the help you need to get what you want – with a quick escape.

With the help of social media and other technologies many stores try to help you with your experience – both inside the store and online.

This link provides some great examples of what different stores have done to keep ahead.

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