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Why I sometimes sympathies with people who hate sales reps!

Having my background from both sales and marketing (and sales before marketing, which I see as essential) I think I have a more open minded attitude towards sales than many. In fact I know so based on discussions I have … Continue reading

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How Hells Angels can become a Market factor

There is a growing concern about the spreading of motor cycle clubs in Norway. The reason is the amount of criminal’s whit in the groups, and according to the Police, the increase in crimes when a club establishes it selves … Continue reading

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When Social Media becomes an annoyance

In November last year I was a speaker at a trade press conference. The topic they where discussing was how Social Medias could be a threat and/or an opportunity for trade press. I was there as a customer of their … Continue reading

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ASDA dating – Now UKdating

On March 7th I wrote a piece about why ASDA Dating was failing. Since ASDA supermarkets opened their dating site about a month ago, where they match potential dates based on their shopping habits, they had their share of  negative … Continue reading

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Why ASDA dating became a trend topic on Twitter

Well, first you have to know a little bit about ASDA. They are the second biggest retailer in the UK, behind Tesco and owned by Wal-Mart with more than 170 000 employees. The profile is to promote themselves as the lowest … Continue reading

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Too much of anything might kill you…

People use social media for many reasons. For me the most prominent reason is to gather information within my area of interest (marketing), and to a humble degree, expertise. And to be able to air and discuss my opinions. By … Continue reading

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