When Social Media becomes an annoyance

In November last year I was a speaker at a trade press conference. The topic they where discussing was how Social Medias could be a threat and/or an opportunity for trade press.

I was there as a customer of their publication to speak about how we use Social medias in our marketing. I had held a similar presentation for them a year before.

To change the angel of my presentation a little I choose to include some information about why we don’t use trade press as much as we used to, emphasising on their strengths and weaknesses. By the way, the reason had nothing to do with Social Media.

During the whole conference there was a large screen behind the speakers that was showing all tweets using the hashtag used by the conference.

Since my topic was a bit challenging for them, there was quite a bit of tweeting going on during my speech. And all of a sudden there was a different discussion going on, but not between me and the audience, but between the tweeters.

It’s funny. People are asked to turn of their phones so they don’t ring during the speeches, but tweeting is ok…

This didn’t contribute anything to the speech or the discussion afterwards. It was just an example of how someone tries to be “cool” and “up to date” using Social Medias – with no additional value.

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