Thank you!

On April 1 I posted a request for help. Or rather help for a friend of mine.

The assignment he had to do was taking some pictures of a friend. First a standard portrait and then a photo with the friend in an environment that would describe his friend closer, and he were going to use this to apply for a photographer education.

There were three environments that would describe me as a person:

  • Me with my three daughters (father)
  • Me as an Apple evangelist (extremist)
  • Me as a marketing person (professional role)

He wanted to do the last one and I asked for your input on how to describe a picture of marketing.

Now I want to thank all of you who contributed to this assignment. To be honest it wasn’t that many (maybe it was the wrong date…), but the few that came in were quite good.

He ended up with the idea of using a picture of an environment that could help describe me as a marketing person, but instead of placing me inside the scene, he decided to project the scene on top of me.

You can see the result below.

Marketing director (click to enlarge)

And it worked. He did get selected for part two of the admission test; A weekend where 66 potential photographers is fighting for 44 places.

So now we want your opinion:

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