Note to Advertisers: TV Viewers Aren’t Actually Watching

I have said it before, and I say it again; I love data! I love data that supports my arguments when I am doing a presentation and can help me get support for a suggestion.

Most people love data and use it like I do, to build an argument. The funny thing is that the people in the room that you try to convince also loves the data, because it makes it easier for them to agree with you. They don’t need to think for themselves. You made an argument and have data that supports it: Great! Lets decide and split for lunch.

This is why data sometime can be very dangerous, if we do not look at the “about the data section”. So we can decide how valid the data is.

This data looks good and the conclusion the data makes is something many people believe in. The only problem is that there is a lot of data supporting the opposite…

The article “Note to Advertisers: TV Viewers Aren’t Actually Watching” says that you TV ads have no effect.

Yet, from my own experience, when we do TV advertising there is a increase in awareness in the target group, sometime up to 30%, driven by TV.

IPA in London in their report “Marketing in the Era of Accountability” concludes in their study that TV is stronger than ever…

Strange isn’t it?

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