Reservoir flushed after man urinates into it – a strong branding story…

This is the guy: David Shaff

This is the guy: David Shaff

For many, when you post a blog post or you create an ad you are aware how this will affect your brand. And you shape your work accordingly.

For most, when they have to answer a question from the media (often on the fly), how this is affecting your brand is not your first or major concern.

So take this article in Digital Spy. The whole article might just make you laugh (I did). But stop for a minute and reflect on the response from David Shaff. It sounds like its coming straight from the heart (a pure heart). I do not think he was thinking about the Water Bureau brand when he was answering, but the result is the same.

Another likely reply could have been: “This is drinking water from a very big lake. Some pee wouldn’t affect the quality.” It would probably be true, but what would you think the next time du drank some water, knowing it came from this lake?

His answer (and attitude) – its like saying “Zero defects is the only option!”

A really strong and positive statement and position to take when you are responsible for people’s drinking water. It looks like people in Portland can rest assure that their drinking water is of very good quality…

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