Everything must come to an end…

… and so is my time as a Marketing Director at one of Europe’s biggest Business Schools. In the beginning of 2012 I will make an enormous career change and migrate over to “the other side” of Higher Education.

New job on the “other side”
I will start as a Lecturer at another smaller Business School. My focus will be on Sales and sales management. And I will, hopefully, start my Phd during 2012 on this topic.

Many will probably think that the change from an administrative position to being a part of faculty in a Business School is a small step. But I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth… We are talking universes apart…

Sales and Sales Management
I am really looking forward being able to combine my more than 20 years of “real” work experience in sales and marketing in both B2B and B2C on different levels – with the possibility to do research on the same topics.

This will change my focus to a certain degree on my blog and other Social Medias, but since I strongly believe that the primary function of marketing is to actually sell something I will continue to write about marketing too.

Would you help me reach out to others? Please RT
In my region, the Nordic countries, sales is often perceive as something negative. This is also, partly, reflected on the academic arena. So I am looking for strong academic sales environments out there. Do you know some? I have established a “by invite only” LinkedIn group. The primary function of the group is to bring scholars together that do research or teach on the subjects sales and/or sales management.

If you know someone that fits the description or know about faculty environments that work on this I would really appreciate if you could send them this info.

The link to the LinkedIn group is: Sales and sales management group

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