The fine line between communication and information…

The communication part relates both to marketing and PR…

Back in September we had local government election here in Norway and before the election I started to receive a lot of political propaganda/advertising/information – whatever you want to call it… In my eyes; marketing.

The law when it comes to marketing in Norway is pretty strict and there is particularly one issue that gets a lot of attention (from the public), and that is advertising delivered in your private letter box. It’s estimated that an average household in Norway receives approximately 45 kilogram of mass advertising each year.

But there is a way to stop it, kind of… In 2008 the new advertising law stated that if you put a “No thank you” sticker on your letter box it is illegal to put advertising in it if its not addressed to you. I have (as the marketer I am) of course done this.

But according to the marketing law political propoganda is not advertising and therefore legal to distribute. On the other hand; A local bus company (although they are private, they are doing this on a governmental contract and many places there is no alternative) had to stop distribute their timetable this way, because the local government viewed this as advertising…

So it’s clear that we have a long way to go towards a common understanding of the term “marketing” or “communication” and “advertising”. Which again makes it clear how important the work of International Chamber of Commerce’s and other is to make a common directions for how to conduct good marketing.  International Chamber of Commerce’s just released their new global marketing code.

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