Is online retailers killing the “Brick and Mortar” stores?

As the results of the holidays shopping are starting to come it certainly might look that way. But as expected there is not a single answer to the bad results for the Brick and mortar stores. And not every store is seeing a decline in sales during Christmas.

According to Reuters Sears is closing down as many as 120 of their of its Kmart and namesake big-box stores due to sharp decline in sales.

But the reason is not necessarily the online competitors, but according to some analyst other brick and mortar stores like Wal-Mart. Another reason is that the company has let stores deteriorate, while analysts also cite poor locations and “ho-hum” merchandise for its ongoing decline.

According to Financial Times UK retailers has seen a boost in holiday sales, despite the crises in the Eurozone. But many have not been able to do this without high discounts, eating into their final earnings.

But according to IBMs Coremetrics Benchmark survey the online sales for the holiday were very strong with mobile showing of like a strong channel with more than 100% growth since 2011, and more than 160% since 2010.

But when it comes to online being the killer of the bricks and mortars, the jury is still out…

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