Should you continue following me?

Changed my job – and my life
I haven’t been blogging in a while because of a job change. Feels like I have changed my life too. The thing is I haven’t gone from one Marketing Director job to another, which would have been a lot easier. No. I decided to do something completely different. I took a job as a lecturer at Oslo School of Management, a Business School in Norway.

Some might argue, since I came from a CMO position at another Business School, that this change wasn’t to dramatic. Well, nothing would be further from the truth. Going from the administration to the academic side is really a game changer…

Lecturer in Sales and Sales Management
My research field will be sales and sales management.  By the end of 2012 I will start my Phd where I will dive into a lot of theory and methodology in the coming years and use this knowledge to expand the research on interesting aspects of sales issues, with some lecturing on the side.

How I use Social Media
So back to my heading: Should you continue following me? Well, I don’t know how you use Social Media but I use Twitter, Linkedin, Quara and maybe Google+ to expand my professional interests.

I use Facebook, Pinterest, Anybeat and Empire Avenue for more personal use. This means that numbers of friends on my more personal networks are low – most of them are real friends (the majority of them anyway :)), while on my professional sites I have an extended network of people that share my professional interest or who I find interesting and that might expand my view.

A change in focus
So, if you are following me because of my current profile, you will now see a change in my postings. Small in the beginning and increasing over time, that corresponds with my field of research, sales and sales management. The field of sales and sales management includes some of my previous fields, like marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing. So there will still be some familiarity.

But if this is not your thing, you should probably consider unfollowing me. My experience is that the better match between what I post and your interest, the greater the chance for interaction.

I would love more interaction
And as a researcher interaction is a great thing. It would be great if I could use my social networks to actually do some research, and then I would be depending on your feedback and willingness to share and retweets.

What can I offer in return?
Well, my biggest contribution would be sharing the findings of my research through my blog!

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