Doing a lecture on International Marketing and would appreciate your input!

I´m doing a lecture in International Marketing at the University of Management and Economics (ISM) in Lithuania this Saturday. It’s a full day lecture for Master of Science students and I am really looking forward to it.

We will go through the different stages of going global starting with world trade and then end up with what’s in it for a single company (and the consumers). Then we will talk about what’s important when trying to use a creative expression across different countries and cultures and end up talking about how to measure your activities.

All aspects of theory should now be covered and I have some examples of different issues when going abroad from my own experience and from others, but it would be great to get some more.

If you search Goolge for “international marketing blunders” you primarily get stories like how Electrolux failed in their creative approach entering the U.S. market with the ad below.

Actually I think Electrolux did this on purpose.

One of my own examples is from doing business in China. When we where doing a campaign in the Shanghai area one Chinese employee (in Norway) told us that we should develop a new logo for our school. Our logo was quadrangular and in China it would be a lot better Feng Shui if the logo were circular. So we did, and then tested it in Shanghai and the short feedback was; Who cares what shape you logo is…

I’m not saying that cultural aspects is of no importance, just don’t overemphasis the importance, and remember that even inside a country you will meet a lot of different cultures.

So now I am reaching out to you! Do you have any good examples of:

  • Same Marketing working well in different cultural markets (and why)?
  • Or Marketing that went wrong (and why)?
  • Examples of a good entry strategy for a product into a foreign market (and why)?
  • Or an entry strategy that went wrong (and why)?

Looking forward to your responses!

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