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Should you continue following me?

Changed my job – and my life I haven’t been blogging in a while because of a job change. Feels like I have changed my life too. The thing is I haven’t gone from one Marketing Director job to another, … Continue reading

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“Put aside the marketing mindset”

How often do you not get sentences like this, especially when talking about social media? It’s like a strategy to say that being genuine is not a part of marketing strategy and marketing is mainly about misleading people into buying … Continue reading

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How using big prizes can ruin your prospect list

If you saw a contest online where you could win a luxury trip to Hawaii for 10 days – all expenses paid, all you had to do was leaving your name, address and other contact info and agree to receive … Continue reading

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Too much of anything might kill you…

People use social media for many reasons. For me the most prominent reason is to gather information within my area of interest (marketing), and to a humble degree, expertise. And to be able to air and discuss my opinions. By … Continue reading

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Social Media – Old content, new wrapping

Every new generation has a built in skepticism about “the old way”. This sometime leads to a rather arrogant attitude towards the older generation’s way of doing things. This is visible in many discussion groups and blogs when someone questions … Continue reading

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The creative pitch from hell…

Last week the Oslo office of the Danish ferry company DFDS had an open pitch for new creative agencies. It was an open invitation, quite normal, and 80 agencies participated and 12 were invited to the presentation. But here comes … Continue reading

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Fashion and branded Content – something to pay attention to

If you need inspiration about expanding the way you use social Medias and develop your brand online, you should pay close attention to the concept of “Branded Content” and especially how the fashion industry is using it. Not only fashion for … Continue reading

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The “hairy” Marketing funnel model

When you search for marketing funnel on Google you will get close to 600 000, more or less relevant, hits. And the majority of these are about how bad it is (-no, I haven’t gone through them all, just skimmed the … Continue reading

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Do more “offline” and you will succeed online

Here is a thought: The best and most effective way of doing a good job in social medias is NOT to get a lot of friends or followers in your online accounts. But to spend time doing analog stuff. The … Continue reading

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