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The Pakistan army shoots a soap opera

The series is called “Beyond the Call of Duty” and in 11 weeks the series shows Pakistan military fighting the Taliban (the unusual touch; they are not fighting India). This is a product of the information department of the Pakistani … Continue reading

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Is marketing art or business?

The end of January I had a blogpost about the purpose of marketing. “The principal objective of all marketing is sales”. I posted this statement as a discussion on a LinkedIn group, ”Marketing Communication”. And there was a discussion for … Continue reading

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Net Present Value – The next big tool in Marketing!

“Master students in Marketing should have a minor in Finance” Philip Kotler in a speech  in Oslo 2003 (Thanks to Håvard Hansen). Well… maybe not when it comes to using it, but very important when it comes to understanding what … Continue reading

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Social Media – Old content, new wrapping

Every new generation has a built in skepticism about “the old way”. This sometime leads to a rather arrogant attitude towards the older generation’s way of doing things. This is visible in many discussion groups and blogs when someone questions … Continue reading

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Neuroscience meets Rock & Roll

Picture this… You are four scientists, a neuroscientist and a best selling author, a Professor of Biology and Science, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and a former grad student. All with a great passion for music… So how do you … Continue reading

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New marketing channel – Commercials enters the Theatre stage

Tomorrow (February 3) there will be written a small note in history about a new marketing channel in Norway. One of Norway’s biggest Theatre Scenes (Oslo Nye Teater) will have a 2 minutes chocolate commercial before the play “The Producers”. … Continue reading

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