Wanna help develop the best sales bachelor in the world…?

…my mother always told me to aim high…!

Part of my job is being responsible for our Bachelor in Marketing and Sales management, a 3-year full time bachelor degree (undergraduate). This means that the students attending this program are young (19-22) and just starting their higher education, most of them with no pre experience in professional sales.

Even though this bachelor is one of the biggest programs we have we need to develop it further and I am now looking for input for doing just that.

Based on the history of marketing departments and sales departments in many companies I think one important aspect of this program is that the students gets an introduction to both sales and marketing, helping them to develop the understanding of both disciplines.

I do not want to tell you more about the topics they encounter. I need your head to be as open as possible, unaffected of what courses we offer today; So:

What do you think is important for today’s students to learn about tomorrow’s sales environment?

The best way to answer is to do my super short survey below, or you can just comment on this post.

Link to super short survey!
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