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The consequences Brands faces if they boycott New of the World.

News of the world has been big news lately because of the phone-hacking allegations. The consequence of brands reviewing advertising deals has been widely debated in many marketing Medias. See some of the links below. When considering the effect of … Continue reading

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Personal branding

Ira Kalb just did what I was thinking about doing… He wrote a good post about personal branding – you the brand. I just have some add-ons’ to his perspective. There are key differences between a personal brand and a … Continue reading

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Reservoir flushed after man urinates into it – a strong branding story…

For many, when you post a blog post or you create an ad you are aware how this will affect your brand. And you shape your work accordingly. For most, when they have to answer a question from the media … Continue reading

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Successful brands are those that have a good fit between the functionalities and the emotional advertising of the product

One definition of branding is to transform the value of your product into an emotional feeling that people will buy. If you can’t offer a quality product people will stop buying it. So of course function is the core. A … Continue reading

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How Brand Marketing Is Destroying J&J – is this for real?

When you read about the authors you would think; Whow! these guys should know a thing or two about branding. If you’re read the article without knowing the authors you would think: What the hell is this? This of course … Continue reading

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Why I sometimes sympathies with people who hate sales reps!

Having my background from both sales and marketing (and sales before marketing, which I see as essential) I think I have a more open minded attitude towards sales than many. In fact I know so based on discussions I have … Continue reading

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ASDA dating – Now UKdating

On March 7th I wrote a piece about why ASDA Dating was failing. Since ASDA supermarkets opened their dating site about a month ago, where they match potential dates based on their shopping habits, they had their share of  negative … Continue reading

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Why ASDA dating became a trend topic on Twitter

Well, first you have to know a little bit about ASDA. They are the second biggest retailer in the UK, behind Tesco and owned by Wal-Mart with more than 170 000 employees. The profile is to promote themselves as the lowest … Continue reading

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The Pakistan army shoots a soap opera

The series is called “Beyond the Call of Duty” and in 11 weeks the series shows Pakistan military fighting the Taliban (the unusual touch; they are not fighting India). This is a product of the information department of the Pakistani … Continue reading

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National Trust restructures marketing team

There is an interesting article in MarketingWeek about the reconstruction of the market organisation of National Trust. Read the article here . There are two details in the article I find most interesting. The first is the definition of the … Continue reading

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