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The real reason why I stopped using Bitly

I got really confused after the changes at Bitly after their upgrade and I understand they have received their fair share of negative feedback on this. I do understand that they want to develop Bitly as a service, moving forward … Continue reading

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QR codes on the rise – but still in its infancy when it comes to quality

According to a study by Nellymoser the use of QR codes is growing rapidly with a 439% growth from Q1 to Q4 in 2011. See this blogpost from Simplyzesty for more on this. It seams like all new technologies has … Continue reading

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Why I sometimes sympathies with people who hate sales reps!

Having my background from both sales and marketing (and sales before marketing, which I see as essential) I think I have a more open minded attitude towards sales than many. In fact I know so based on discussions I have … Continue reading

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When Social Media becomes an annoyance

In November last year I was a speaker at a trade press conference. The topic they where discussing was how Social Medias could be a threat and/or an opportunity for trade press. I was there as a customer of their … Continue reading

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Why ASDA dating became a trend topic on Twitter

Well, first you have to know a little bit about ASDA. They are the second biggest retailer in the UK, behind Tesco and owned by Wal-Mart with more than 170 000 employees. The profile is to promote themselves as the lowest … Continue reading

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The creative pitch from hell…

Last week the Oslo office of the Danish ferry company DFDS had an open pitch for new creative agencies. It was an open invitation, quite normal, and 80 agencies participated and 12 were invited to the presentation. But here comes … Continue reading

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Do you laugh when you read the different “Worst ads awards”? If you do – stop it…

Each New Year start the same way with ads from health clubs trying to make us feel bad and keep our New Year resolutions. And then the list and awards pops up… “Best of…” or “worst of…” Many of the … Continue reading

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Diamonds lasts forever…

There were some great ads in a national newspaper in Norway today. (Site in Norwegian). Dagens Næringsliv is the biggest business targeted Newspaper in Norway (or in my opinion, the most serious one), with around 80 000 daily readers (Norway is a … Continue reading

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The X-Factor battle in the UK

British artist have started a crusade against the UK version of X-Factor. Last year they managed to beat the X-Factor winner, McElderrys, “The Climb” with Rage Against The Machines and “Killing In The Name”. It sold 50 000 digital copies … Continue reading

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