Doing a lecture on a seminar for Chiropractors

I have been asked to do a lecture on a seminar hosted by the Norwegian Chiropractor society in February. My topic has nothing to do with their profession and treatment, but how they should build their brand and attract new clients.

Even though they are seen as a professional profession and accepted by the Norwegian Government they are still not the first choice when it comes to treatment of pain, especially back paint. Most Norwegians still goes to their traditional physicians and physiotherapists.

The lecture will not have an overarching strategic approach, but give some advice on how to attract clients, how to treat them (not medical) when they arrive at the clinic, and how to follow them up afterwards.

There is a lot of research on these different topics in marketing and service management, but what I lack is good examples that I can use do drive the message home.

 So I am turning to you: Do you have any good examples of the following:

Attracting Clients:
Clinics (doesn’t have to be chiropractors) or practitioners that have impressed you in the way they are doing marketing? Any channels…

 Meeting clients:
Do you have examples of clinics that have distinguished themselves in the way you are welcomed into the clinic or while waiting for treatment? We are talking about how they do it and the servicesacpe (the surroundings) that have impressed you. This picture is from one of Google’s offices.Google office


Following up clients:
After you have been to the clinic. Has any practitioners impressed you in keeping in touch with you after the treatment?


Would be forever grateful of any input!

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