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The creative pitch from hell…

Last week the Oslo office of the Danish ferry company DFDS had an open pitch for new creative agencies. It was an open invitation, quite normal, and 80 agencies participated and 12 were invited to the presentation. But here comes … Continue reading

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The Principal Objective of all Marketing is sales…

Obvious too a lot of people but still there many that view marketing as something closer to an art form, and sale as something totally different. When you read posts and articles about sales and marketing, many spend too much … Continue reading

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The next generation of retail

Do you ever get the feeling sometimes when you walk into a store you just wish you hadn’t? I seem to feel that a lot. Sometimes I feel this is the reason for why online purchases are on the rise. … Continue reading

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Gender quotas – as opposed to free market

In a social democratic nation like Norway there is always a discussion about how much the government should involve itself in business life as opposed to let the free market rule. One of the most discussed interventions was the resolution … Continue reading

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Groupon – A bubble or a genius concept?

It’s hard to argue that that it isn’t working at the moment. Groupons concept of offering coupons to end users from various companies is simple enough. The question is if it’s worth it. Through Groupons concept the companies has to … Continue reading

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Innovation in the intersection between old and new Medias

Some of the better adds I have seen lately (when just judging the creative expression), has come from the combined use of old and new medias. Outdoor boards are a very old medium but still manage to come up with … Continue reading

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Killer app

Most people are easy to engage if there is a crises going on and they can feel the pain themselves. Many organisations work in an environment where there are no immediate crises (even though some would say there is) and … Continue reading

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With help from the retro trend vinyl sales continue to increase while album sales drops

According to an article in Rolling Stones magazine the overall album sales in US dropped 13% in 2010, while the sales of vinyl albums increased with 14% in the same period. The end result was 2.8 millions LP sold and … Continue reading

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A love commercial from Nike

Nike released a great commercial in Oct. 2010 – “No Excuse”. The commercial is simple, effective, catchy and surprising (at least if you do not know who Matt Scott is) and you will probably remember it for a long time … Continue reading

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National Trust restructures marketing team

There is an interesting article in MarketingWeek about the reconstruction of the market organisation of National Trust. Read the article here . There are two details in the article I find most interesting. The first is the definition of the … Continue reading

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