Speaking at a ROMI conference…

… later this week.

The conference is called “ROMI 2011”(all information in Norwegian) and is hosted by the Norwegian advertiser association (all information in Norwegian), which is a professional organisation for advertisers.

The title says it all; the conference is about Return on Marketing Investments. I am talking about our experiences with econometric modelling for expressing the value of marketing. We have been doing sales modelling for a couple of years at our Business School (This is how I as the CMO am using it, not an academic presentation).

I am looking for:

  • Cases of using different measurements for showing marketing value
    • Both good and bad experiences would be helpful
    • If anyone has any experiences where one changed the marketing strategy after implementing a measurement system

If you have any experiences here, and are willing to share them and let me use it as examples in my presentation and blogpost – please let me know!


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4 Responses to Speaking at a ROMI conference…

  1. Tom Thompson says:

    Hello Erik,

    I saw your note on the LinkedIn MRB Group asking for ROMI cases. We do a fair amount of econometric modeling for some of our clients for exactly the same reasons. If you like, I can offer a case from our own practice. To comply with an NDA, we’d first edit the client identity and also alter some of the numbers, though. If interested, let me know.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Thompson
    Director, Business Development
    Optimization Group, Inc

    • erikmehl says:

      Hi Tom
      Thanks for your comment and offer.
      If I can use your case with no obligations I would love to use your case – as long as a can present it and use it as I see fit. We use a company called Brand Science as our agency, but my perspective is from the customer point of view and since I do not sell anything it would be grate to mention others that have been successful using ROMI models independently of agency.
      I am also writing a blogpost on the topic. Please advice if I can use the example here too if I see fit.

      Best Regards

      Erik Mehl

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