Boundaries is a good thing in Marketing!

Boundaries, constrains and restrictions is all good settings for good Marketing. Lower budgets, New laws about what and how you can market your products and so on. Seth Godin has a good post about constrains. All of them provide a breeding ground for creative and passionate marketing. Numerous sociology studies proves the point. We do some of our best work with our backs against the wall.

It works for others too. When working with Peter Gabriel on his “Scratch My Back” album Mike Large said: ““Doing a covers album gives Peter more creative freedom, starting from a finished song, he’s able to apply all the creative energy on the arrangement.”

Peter Gabriel gave himself two constrains. 1) Just cover versions and 2) He dropped his usual band and went solely with orchestral instruments.

I think it worked for him. But who am I to say. I am biased, I Love Peter Gabriel (or at least his music).

The problem with boundaries, constrains and restrictions is that if they are to tight and last for to long, it sucks the creativity out of you and you brain switches to survival mode and you flee…

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