Innovation in the intersection between old and new Medias

Some of the better adds I have seen lately (when just judging the creative expression), has come from the combined use of old and new medias.

Outdoor boards are a very old medium but still manage to come up with a lot of new creative solutions. We have been using boards for some years now and the willingness of the producers is impressing. They do not sit around and wait for extinction. They are sensitive to customer’s requests and try to comply with the demands we and our ad agencies have.

A good example is this Amnesty add that combines the use of a camera, software and Adshels. It turned into a great and surprising add that deliver the message in a simple and creative way. I love this one!

Here and here are some nice solutions not combining other technologies, but who makes the most of the medium.

You probably have a lot your own examples…

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