A picture of marketing…

I need your help – helping a friend…

My friend is applying on a Photography School. Doing so includes more than just an application with a résumé, he has to be creative and shoot a portfolio.

So he has chosen me as a target (his problem really – choosing such a “not photogenic object”). The assignment is divided into 2 parts:

  • A close-up portrait series
  • A portrait series of the same person in a environment that would help describe the person

We need your help with the second assignment. There are three environments that would describe me as a person:

  • Me with my three daughters (father)
  • Me as an Apple evangelist (extremist)
  • Me as a marketing person (professional role)

We are thinking about using the last one and are now looking for a picture that would define marketing.

And this is where I turn to all of you. Will you help us find a good picture of marketing that we can use in the shoot?

The first thing that came to mind was something like me in front of Time Square:

Time Square

But we need to be able to take the picture ourselves (Norway). And it can’t be a copy protected image.

So; all you creative minds out there? What would you suggest – a picture that would get everyone to think: This guy is a marketing professional!

We got a week to come up with a great picture of marketing that would have a grandmother cry out: “Look at that great picture of a marketing professional”!

If all goes well I will post the best pictures in a post in a couple of weeks.

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