Speaking at a new ROMI conference

I have, luckily enough, been chosen to speak at the 2012 ROMI conference hosted by the Norwegian advertiser association (all information in Norwegian), which is a professional organisation for advertisers.

I think this is one of the most important topics for marketers based on the pressure of documenting the effect of their marketing efforts. Even though there is many and very good solutions tracking traditional marketing, most marketers don’t use it. And in the era of social media and mobile the challenge is that there are no common (and good) solutions to measure the effect of these Medias on sales.

I will, as I did last year, speak much about a sophisticated solution for analysing what is driving sales. The model is called sales modelling or Econometric analysis. This is a great solution for letting you know exactly how much of your company’s sales are coming from (in this case) marketing. We have used this solution for 6 years now and I will present some new findings and learning’s compared to last time. You can find my previous post about this solution here.

Now I am reaching out to you (and please feel free to distribute this survey):

I will use the feedback of this survey (if any) in my presentation on the conference and, of course, write a post with the results if I get enough answers – so feel free to participate!

Click here for the short survey!

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